can she just get her fucking lisence already...

I hate it. I hate her. it's always about her.

every little thing she does, everyone has to make such a big fucking deal about it.

she turns 13. huge party.
I go to the fucking mall.


Semi. Dress. Hair. All that jazz.


"Graduation". ugh.


going into highschool. ugh. that little twit. everyone made such a big fucking deal.


feild hockey. god I hate feild hockey season with a passion. do you know how much money we spend on her stupid feild hockey equipment? yeah.


now, it's driving. no one's even noticed how I feel this summer. I feel fucking depressed.

all they do is talk about her getting her permit. she's a fucking spoiled brat. and she doesn't even realize it. ugh.
and then they wonder why I have such an attitude problem when it comes to her.

am I jelous? or feeling left out? how about feeling forgotten, or invisible.

whatever. I'm going to go upstairs and burry myself in my fourth Harry Potter book again.

on the brightside, the sixth Harry Potter book comes out in ten days! all I have to do is read the fourth and fifth book (which I'm not even past chapter 12 yet...haha. of all people...). hehe.




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how come some people are such assholes?

or so annoying?

I'm so sick of it. people are bugging me on purpose.

well, of course not on purpose. they just don't know me, the real me, and don't know what annoys the living fuck out of me.


and then, there's other people who emotionally hurt the ones I love. it makes me hurt, and...I dunno. I dunno what the hell's going on in this world.

it's so screwed up.

but hey, my grades are going up. school's almost over.


have you ever felt like there was one person you could trust to tell everything to? you wish you could spill your guts out to them, tell them everything that's going on? about your friends, family, what goes on at home, school, etc?

what if the person wasn't a friend? or a parent, a sibling?


well, I feel depressed.

homework awaits me.




slytherin pride


I just don't know anymore about anything. My grandpa is most likely gonna die. I don't want him to. I love him so much.......... It's not fair. :-(...

I'm in love with a boy in Aviation Camp.... he dislikes me I all ready know. rgejopgioprejgropejgtoghiotjh.

I dunno...

I'm out

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this is so effing confusing.

do I like him? I don't know. I mean, he's wicked nice, funny. he's a good guy.

I'm just not sure.

and plus, I know he doesn't like me. I know it for a fact.

he even said it.

ugh. thinking about this is making me depressed.

I need to go do homework and practice my lines.
slytherin pride

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