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what do you do when you realize you miss something so much, it hurts inside?

I don't know. but that's exactly what happened.


I saw him, and starting thinking. I remembered the times we used to talk, and have fun. I miss it. really, really bad.

I can't believe I let it go; lost contact with him.

sure, there's the occasional "Hey" or highfive in the hallway. but, still.


I dunno. maybe I'm just feeling these feelings because it's winter. I swear, I get depressed in the winter.

or maybe I'm jelous of other people?
"This picture is so hot!"

am I jelous? do I like him?
I dunno. but when I read those comments, I felt anger, or something, fire up inside of me.



why do so many girls like him? it's not fair.


maybe I feel a little heartbroken, because I thought I actually had a chance? last year? I think about a moment we had last year...well, actually, a day. nothing bad or sexual or anything like that. god no.

just him and me. no one else.
he asked me if I wanted to go.

sure, we didn't talk much. it was pretty awkward, to tell you the truth.

I dunno.

again, I ask the same question to myself:

am I crazy?


I don't think so. just hormones.


I'll write more later.



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