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I know who to trust now, and who not to trust.

I now know who is a true friend, and who's a backstabbing bitch.


so, I'm going on day 4, starting Monday. today's day 3.

Wednesday and Thursday were day 1 and 2.

my plan worked on Wednesday beautifully.



ugh. "that person" was trying to act all innocent and crap. "What did I do?!"

You know perfectly well what you did. You think I'm going to forgive you as easily this time? Well, reality check - I'm not.

You talk behind people's backs, then act all innocent, like you have no clue what's going on. Then you expect them to forgive you, and forget about it. But nooo, you go behind their backs over and over again.

Guess what --

People get sick of it. They start to see a pattern.
It gets old after a while.


I'm trying to forget you.


True friends don't stab their friends in the back.
True friends help their friends when they need them the most.


fuck you.




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