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an ongoing battle in my own mind...


today I went to Six Flags with my bestest friend ever, Steph. it was fun! I got kinda dizzy, though, cuz pretty much the only rides I went on were ones that went around in circles over, and over, and over...



I'm sick of seeing those stupid Westfeild Soccer jackets that everyone who is popular has. you know, the black, white and red ones? I'm sick of it! It's like, "Yeah, I know you fucking skinny, and I know you can play soccer. Get over it." I hate that game anyways. I hate it with all of what I have inside of me. I get so fustrated when I play it. it's like, "Give me the damn ball already, and stop showing off your stupid soccer moves by taking the fucking ball away from me!" UGHH! I think that's part of the reason I'm so sick of the skinny soccer jackets.

I'm so fucking sick of being a plus size. I really am. they say that there's so much pressure these days to be thin, and it's true. people who are like, 115 pounds are like, "Oh, I'd like to loose 10 lbs.!" you know what? so would I, but you don't need it.

ugh. really. if I could look like anyone, it'd be Keria Knightly. that's my main, yet fictional, goal. have you ever seen her body?!? It's got like, no fat. I'd love to be like that. I long to be like that. do you know how much easier it'd be to shop?!? I'd be able to shop at all those stupid preppy stores like American Eagle, Forever 21, etc. god I wish I could. ugh.

anywho, if you've never seen Keira Knightly's body, here's a few pictures to show you what I'm trying to get across:

yeah. I did want to put a pic of her from the movie "Bend It Like Beckham", but I can't find one on the internet.

I know, she looks kind of sickly thin there, but still. If I could go from me, all the way to that, I think it'd be a miracle.

well, I'm going to go. I need to get ready for school tomarrow. ugh.




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